• Sourdough

    Easy Sourdough bread

    Making Sourdough bread is a step further in your bread game. It's more complicated and definitely more challenging: so many variables to keep in mind and so many aspects to take of... BUT! Once you've baked your first Sourdough bread and tasted it splendid and absolutely unforgettable taste, there is no way back! You are hooked and there is not other bread anymore. I have tried several Sourdough bread recipes by now, and here is the one that might be the easiest in handling. There's only 2 proofings and 1 folding required in this process. I am also using a stand mixer for this recipe, so for those of you…

  • Dutch oven bread making recipe

    Dutch oven bread making recipe

    Here comes Dutch Oven bread! I believe, there’s no better culinary skill to learn than baking your own bread! So, I’ve made a video for you on how to make an easy Dutch Oven bread with a delicious crispy crust. Dutch Oven provides closed, a.k.a. more controlled environment for the bread baking. The moisture trapped inside the closed pot keeps the exterior of the bread moist and elastic (not as hot) for the 1st stage of baking and consequently allowing the loaf to grow bigger. Also, checking in with the scientific part of the process, the prolonged period of enzymatic activity, due to closed environment, allows sugars to “unlock” further…