• How to pick a good wine

    How to pick a good wine in a store like a pro? Tips & tricks that pro wine tasters use to choose wine.

    Wine stores can be so intimidating at times. Those endless shelves of bottles meticulously arranged by regions and grapes. Here is an Italian Pino Grigio on your right and a French Semillon on you left. Oh, wait! Maybe you should go for a German Riesling??? Riesling label looks nice with a cute little dachshund. Hmm… Perhaps it’s not professional enough for a good wine. Wait! What about the price and the vintage? Is 30 bucks enough for a good Riesling, or too much? Was 2016 a good year? HEEEELP!!! Oh God… I’m starting to have a panic attack just by listing all these variables. No worries! I’ve got you! Here…

  • Fumé Blanc

    Fumé Blanc & Sauvignon Blanc – the same thing or not?

    Fumé Blanc & Sauvignon Blanc – the same thing or not? Technically, yes… and no… well it depends… So, first things first, yes, both wines are made from the same grape variety – Sauvignon Blanc. The term ‘Fumé Blanc’ was actually invented by the American winemaker, Robert Mondavi in 1960s, who wanted to rebrand the not so popular among Americans Sauvignon Blanc (at that time, Americans only were familiar with a sweet wines made from this grape, and considered it a boring variety). So he took a French word ‘Fumé’, which literally means ‘smoke’, hinting on its smoke-like flavour from oak aging and a French word for white wine, ‘Blanc’,…