• Maltaise sauce

    Maltaise sauce

    Maltaise sauce is a classical French sauce and a derivate sauce from Hollandaise. The ingredient that defines Maltaise apart from Hollandaise is a blood orange. Yes, that sweet and bitter orange, with a taste between sweet orange and grapefruit, and aroma close to raspberry. Maltaise sauce is a perfect sauce to be served with many vegetables, especially asparagus. It is also worth noting, that Maltaise sauce has the same expiry time, as the Hollandaise sauce (check my notes on the technique of cooking a Hollandaise sauce HERE), i.e. 2 hours at 63C (145F). If the temperature rises above that level, eggs will start to cook, and if the temperature falls…

  • Benedict and Florentine eggs

    Eggs Benedict & Florentine eggs (DREAM BREAKFAST for 2)

    Eggs Benedict and Florentine eggs are known as a staple of a dream breakfast and even brunch! Many people, however, assume that they are pretty difficult to make and either avoid them completely in their home cooking, or cook only some of their components at home and rest purchase ready-made. In reality, though, both eggs Benedict and Florentine eggs are pretty straightforward to cooking, and quite doable for anyone with beginner-intermediate cooking skills. 1 Poached egg 20 ml Hollandaise sauce 1 English Muffin 1 Bacon strip Fry the bacon in its own fat and assemble your Egg Benedict in the following order (bottom to top): English muffin (whole, or half)…

  • Gourmet vegan sushi

    7 Ways Of Making Cute Vegan Nigiri (Gourmet Style Sushi)

    I just love sushi, don’t you? But when it comes to vegan sushi, they are so boring: just avocado roll, cucumber roll and sometimes (if you are lucky) a yum roll… those are all the options that you usually get… Depressing… So, I’ve decided to spice up the vegan sushi game a bit, and come up with sushi, specifically nigiri, that I think vegans all over the world deserve to eat! Let me introduce you: THE 7 WAYS OF MAKING CUTE VEGAN NIGIRI SUSHI! And, of course, with a little gourmet molecular gastronomy touch to it :) Here’re those 7 types of cute vegan nigiri: Carrots with toasted sesame seeds…

  • Gravlax
    Culinary techniques

    First time making Gravlax (a.r.t.a. Gravlox, Lax and Lox) | What is it & how to cook it

    Ok, I’ve been dying to try the curing method for ages. Today was finally THE DAY!  I was making Gravlax for the very first time, also referred to as Gravlox, Lox and even Lax… Short summary – it was an overall success. Here're some nerdy facts about the process of curing. Curing is a process of food preservation and flavouring. It is usually performed with the help of salt. In this process, salt's main role is to remove moisture out of the meat/fish, by the process of osmosis and, therefore, inhibit microbe growth. On this note, let's talk a bit about Lax, a.k.a. Lox dry cure culinary technique. First of…

  • Sauce Hollandaise
    Culinary techniques

    Sauce Hollandaise (breaking down the basics)

    Sauce Hollandaise is one of 5 Mother/Leading sauces in French culinary world. The base of the Hollandaise sauce is butter, specifically clarified butter, and the thickening agent is an egg yolk. In case of this sauce, however, egg does not act as a thickening agent due to a process of coagulation. In fact, we need to try to avoid it by any means. If eggs start to coagulate in this recipe, our sauce will de destroyed. Instead, an egg thickens our sauce though a process of emulsification, i.e. combining of 2 immiscible liquids (fat & water) though vigorous mixing. For heath and safety purposes, one should keep this sauce at…

  • Super Nutritious Vegan Bars

    Super Nutritious Vegan Bars

    Here's a quick & easy, but also super nutritious recipe for the vegan bars. It took me a while to come up with the name for this recipe, because there's so many amazing ingredients inside: almonds, goji berries, coconut... You might as well call them superfood bars, peanut butter bars or whatever you want basically... that's not the point! The point is, that they are extremely nutritious, and will fill you up quite quickly, so keep this in mind while considering your intake :P Preparation time: 1 hour Cooking time: 10 min Per servings: 20 Small bars / Biscuits Ingredients for the Super Nutritious Vegan Bars: Coconut oil - 1/3 cup…

  • Edible Helium Ballons
    Culinary techniques

    What I’ve learned, trying to make Edible Helium Balloons by Alinea restaurant

    Edible Helium Balloons is a signature dish of a 3 Michelin Star restaurant in Chicago, called Alinea (also known from the “Chef’s Table” show on Netflix). “Wouldn’t it be SO COOL to learn how to make those edible balloons?!” – I thought to myself… Chef Grant Achatz and Chef Mike Bagale from Alinea spent probably years in R&D for those edible helium balloons, and I naively thought that I can learn to make them in one go… Boy, I was wrong… First of all, the recipe was not that easy to find. The one that I’ve managed to find on web, was simply not working. So, I had to tweak…

  • Sourdough

    Easy Sourdough bread

    Making Sourdough bread is a step further in your bread game. It's more complicated and definitely more challenging: so many variables to keep in mind and so many aspects to take of... BUT! Once you've baked your first Sourdough bread and tasted it splendid and absolutely unforgettable taste, there is no way back! You are hooked and there is not other bread anymore. I have tried several Sourdough bread recipes by now, and here is the one that might be the easiest in handling. There's only 2 proofings and 1 folding required in this process. I am also using a stand mixer for this recipe, so for those of you…

  • Poached egg
    Culinary techniques

    How to cook Poached Eggs (culinary technique broken down)

    Poached eggs might be one of the coolest things that any food enthusiast can learn to cook. The technique might seem intimidating, but really is quite easy as long as you follow certain guidance! Here are the things that you need to keep in mind, while cooking poached eggs: Choose the most fresh eggs possible, and of a highest grade. Fresh eggs vs. older eggs have more dense texture and are less likely to fall apart while being poached. Use a tall stock pot for this poaching method. When you pour an egg inside, it will start sinking down, and the further its way toward the bottom of your pot,…

  • English muffins

    Absolutely delicious English Muffins (breakfast ideas)

    Need some ideas for a special breakfast? Here's a perfect one just for you! English muffins with poached eggs, a.k.a. eggs Benedict. Although the whole process of cooking English muffins takes about 4 hours (3 inactive hours, while the dough is rising), it's totally doable to make them fresh for breakfast. Just prepare the dough a day ahead, leave in the fridge to proof overnight and cook them fresh (10 min to fry) the next morning. These savoury muffins are mostly known for being an essential component in Eggs Benedict and part of MacMuffin at McDonnalds Mac Breakfast. Nevertheless, you will also absolutely love to have them with butter and…